Klaus Iohannis

President Iohannis discusses regional security with Presidents of Moldova, Poland and Ukraine

AGERPRES special correspondent Cristian Lupascu reports: President Klaus Iohannis, in Chisinau, on Friday, had discussions with the counterparts from the Republic of Moldova, Poland and Ukraine on the regional security topic. The Romanian head of state pointed out that the discussions also aimed at protracted conflicts, as well as the future of the Eastern Partnership.

President Iohannis attends military ceremony marking 30th anniversary of Republic of Moldova's declaration of independence

President Klaus Iohannis participated on Friday in the military ceremony organized in Chisinau's Great National Assembly Square in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Moldova's declaration of independence. Polish and Ukrainian Presidents Andrzej Duda and Volodymyr Zelenski also attended the event alongside Moldovan President Maia Sandu.

Work session with Ministers of Health, Education, called by president Iohannis, on new school year's start

President Klaus Iohannis called, on Thursday, a work session regarding the start of the new school year, where the Minister of Health, Ioana Mihaila, as well as the Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, will take part in. According to the Presidential Administration, the reunion was summoned for 17:00, at Cotroceni Palace.

JustMin Ion: Meeting President Iohannis on judicial reforms, absolutely necessary

 Justice Minister Stelian Ion says a meeting with President Klaus Iohannis on judicial reforms "is absolutely necessary." "We have not had any meeting. (...) We will probably have a meeting moving forward, it is absolutely necessary from my point of view. I have tried and I will continue to try," said Ion before a meeting on Tuesday of the ruling coalition at the Parliament House.

Iohannis: Radical ideologies, glorification of executioners, and extremist currents threaten democratic societies

President Klaus Iohannis sent, on Monday, a message on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Fascism and Communism, showing that the rule of law, democratic values, fundamental rights and freedoms have been won at the cost of human lives and must be defended and conveyed to the younger generations.