Seven residents to face prosecutor over attack on NGO workers on Lesvos

Seven residents of Lesvos have been indicted to appear before a prosecutor at the island's main port of Mytilene in connection with an attack on two volunteer workers for the Swiss "One Happy Family" whose recreation facilities for migrants on the island were destroyed last week in a fire whose cause is still being investigated.

Greek coast guard vessel harassed by Turkish boat off Kos

A video posted on Twitter on Wednesday showed the harassment of a vessel of the Greek Coast Guard by a Turkish Coast Guard boat off the Greek island of Kos. 

In the video, which was posted by the correspondent of Germany's Bild in Greece,  Greek Coast Guard officers on the boat can be heard saying, "they hit us from behind, they broke the edge." 

Amid Turkey Tensions, a Hostile Environment in Greece

"Unfortunately, tension is growing the past three weeks, with the islanders feeling tired of lifting the burden of the so-called refugee crisis all these years," Stravaridis told BIRN.

He said MSF staff on the island of Lesvos had recently faced two violent incidents, resulting in the closure of an MSF clinic on the island for two days.

NGO activists say they were hounded by anti-migrant agitators on Lesvos

Activists helping migrants in distress in the Aegean Sea have been adrift off the island of Lesvos for a week after agitators opposed to their work refused to let their ship dock, they said on Monday.

Activists on board the Mare Liberum said the vessel was prevented from docking in Lesvos on two occasions.