Istanbul's Belgrade Forest being degraded

Jose Bove, the French farm workers' union leader, recently said the following: "As far as world leaders are concerned, the entire planet should submit to market laws. Our struggle is based on resistance to this development. Health, education, culture, food - these are all issues that are close to everyone's heart. Today they are in danger of becoming commodities.

New needs create new opportunities for Greek Tourism

In our time we see new trends that create new opportunities. “Green” ecological hotels, luxurious hotels for those that can…afford them etc. According to mr. Parsalis, CEO of Marketing Greece, it is about time for Greece to create her own marketing branding based on the unique experiences that the country can offer.


'Uncertainty' over China's yuan fuels market turmoil

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Feb. 10 that China's unclear policy over its yuan currency was stoking turbulence in global markets and exacerbating global economic growth concerns.

The yuan's recent declines "have intensified uncertainty about China's exchange rate policy and the prospects for its economy," she said in testimony to Congress.

The economics of love

Economics is based on a hypothetical rational (wo)man ? or at least was until behavioral economics came along. Homo economicus is sort of like a supercomputer ? always calculating lifetime welfare, costs, profits, etc. Like Star Trek?s Mr. Spock, (s)he never lets emotions get in the way. You would therefore not expect economists to take on love.