Ministry of Defence

Two pilots die in Super Galeb G-4 military jet trainer crash in Serbia

Serbian Officials said the Yugoslav-made single-engine Super Galeb G-4 crashed on April 7 near the village of Slatina, about 50 kilometers from Belgrade during a routine training flight.

The ministry said the cause of the crash was not immediately known and that an investigation had been launched.

The Super Galeb G-4 is used for training, as well as military missions.

Plan to service UK F-35 jets in Turkey sparks security concerns

Security concerns have been raised about plans to carry out major servicing work on the UK’s new F-35 fighter jets in Turkey.

SNP MP George Kerevan is to call for an inquiry into the policy in the light of last year’s attempted coup in Turkey and tensions with its Nato partners.

Major repairs to RAF combat jets have previously been carried out in the UK.

Russia Helps Serbia to Modernize Air Force Fleet

Apart from relying on the delivery of Russian jets, Serbia has a few of its own aircraft that need to be modernized.

The light attack and training aircraft Galeb and the twin-engine, subsonic ground-attack and reconnaissance aircraft Soko J-22 Orao, known for being the first in the history of Yugoslav aviation to overcome the sound barrier, are set for some upgrades soon.