Ministry of Defence

"Russians lie, there aren't that many of them"

This is the conclusion reached by the British Ministry of Defense in its daily report on the situation in Ukraine.
"Despite the war in Ukraine, on September 1, the Russian military started exercise Vostok 22, its Annual Joint Strategic Exercise, marking the culmination of the military training year", British Ministry wrote on Twitter.

Sergei Shoigu is being ridiculed by the Russian soldiers

According to recent reports by independent Russian media, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ended up side-lined within Russia's leadership due to problems Russia is facing on the battlefield in Ukraine, with operational commanders briefing President Putin directly on the course of the war, the British Ministry of Defense states in its daily report on the situation in Ukraine.

"Hell on Earth"

While Western politicians incite and convince the leadership in Kyiv that they can, and should, defeat the Russian army on the battlefield, completely different information is coming from the front.

Russians edge closer to taking key Ukrainian city

Russian forces edged closer Thursday to taking a key Ukrainian city after days of intense fighting, tightening their slow squeeze on the eastern Donbas region as Washington warned the war could last months.

The industrial hub of Severodonetsk has become a key target for Moscow, and the local governor said that 80 percent of the city was now under Russian control.

Bulgaria will Repair Ukrainian Military Equipment but will Not Send Weapons

Bulgaria will repair Ukrainian military equipment, the National Assembly decided.

The parliament gives a mandate to the government to take measures to provide assistance to Ukraine - humanitarian, financial and military-technical, announced the Speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev, listing the types of support included in the decision:

Ministry defends Boxer specs after criticism about equipment

Ljubljana – The Defence Ministry said that the 45 Boxer armoured vehicles Slovenia is buying through OCCAR satisfy all technical demands as it responded Friday to a report alleging that equipment had been pared down to hit a low enough price point.

Only “less important technical requirements” were dropped in negotiations for the purchase of the vehicles, the ministry said.