Moody's Ratings

Dividend payout ‘a milestone’

The return of Greek banks to distributing dividends to their shareholders is an important milestone for the sector as it confirms the full return to normality, rating agencies comment to Kathimerini.

This development is expected to strengthen the investment mood for their shares, they point out, something that is already becoming apparent on the board of the Athens Stock Exchange.

Mali attends investor meeting in Washington

WASHINGTON - At a Washington investor meeting, Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali spoke with representatives of the top US and international companies and investment funds.

Mali, who is in Washington for the IMF/World Bank Group Spring Meetings, gave a presentation of Serbia's economic performance and opportunities for investing in the country.

Reform and politics

The decision by Moody's to keep Greece's credit rating one step below investment grade shows once again how the problems in our judicial system cost a lot of money, in addition to their undermining citizens' confidence in institutions.