Motion of no confidence

Romanian Court Rejects President’s Second Nomination of Orban

Romania's Constitutional Court on Monday ruled against the President Klaus Iohannis' second nomination of acting prime minister Ludovic Orban as PM-designate.

The ruling came as parliament prepared for a vote, which has now been suspended, in which legislators should have decided whether the centre-right politician would take office.

PM Orban calls initiators of censure motion politicians having proved their worthlessness

Those who have tabled the censure motion are politicians who "have proved their worthlessness" by the way they governed for the last three years, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Thursday, adding that he is prepared for any outcome. Asked if he is prepared for the censure motion, Orban said: "We are waiting for the vote on the censure motion. We are prepared for any outcome.

Moldovan Socialists Topple Govt in No-Confidence Vote

Prime Minister Maia Sandu's cabinet was ousted on Tuesday when it lost a no-confidence motion by 101 to 63 votes, only five months after it came to office.

It was defeated by the combined votes of the pro-Russian Socialist Party, PSRM, and the Democratic Party which was led until recently by the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc.

Orban Gov't wins Parliament's confidence vote (official)

The Government proposed by Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban on Monday won Parliament's confidence vote at a plenary sitting. Out of the total 465 MPs in attendance, 240 cast a ballot, according to Senator Silvia Dinica. "Parliament extends its confidence in the government by a majority vote of the lawmakers requiring at least 233 ayes.

PM Dancila predicts censure motion to fail because of enough responsible people in Parliament

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has reiterated that the censure motion against her cabinet will fail, as hopefully there are enough "responsible people" in Parliament. "The number of signatures does not always match the number of votes.

Fresh No-Confidence Motion Imperils Romanian Govt

The Romanian centre-right opposition will attempt once more to oust the Social Democratic-led government next Thursday, when a fresh motion of no-confidence is set to be voted on in a joint session of the two chambers of parliament.

Unlike past motions that failed to rally enough MPs, this move to remove Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stands better chances.