Motorways in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Farmers Close Border with Romania in Protest

The border between Bulgaria and Romania has been brought to a standstill as over 100 Bulgarian farmers staged protests, blocking traffic in both directions for heavy goods vehicles. The demonstrations, which have caused major disruptions to transportation, are part of a widespread outcry by farmers from various sectors across the country.

Bulgaria: A Child Drives a Bus Full of Passengers (VIDEO)

Again a situation with a child behind the wheel in Bulgaria. The boy was filmed sitting on a driver's lap and driving a bus with passengers on the Trakia highway.

The video was shot on Sunday around 11:00 a.m. on the Burgas-Sofia road. According to the onlooker who sent the signal to Nova TV, the vehicle was curving on the road.

Two Accidents on Trakia - Turkish Truck Driver Killed a Bulgarian, Car with Migrants Crashed on the Highway

One person died after a truck swept away a minibus stopped in the emergency lane on the Trakia highway.

The serious accident occurred in the area of 94 kilometers in the direction of Sofia. According to initial data, a truck with Turkish registration, driven by a Turkish driver, hit the minibus in the emergency lane. The driver of the bus died as a result of the heavy impact.

Bulgaria: Heavy Traffic is Expected in the Last of Day of the Holidays

Heavy traffic is expected on the last of the series of holidays on the country's roads.

Repairs are making traffic difficult on some of the country's key roads. The majority of repair works are carried out on the Trakia highway. There are repairs at the 20th, 40th and 120th km of the highway.