Multi-speed Europe

Romania to cap prices of calls to EEA countries as from May 15

Fixed and mobile calls made from Romania to any country within the European Economic Area (the EU countries, plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) will not exceed 0.19 euro (excluding VAT) per minute, or 0.06 euro for a text message starting May 15, 2019, Romania's National Communications Regulation and Administration Authority (ANCOM) reported on Monday.

Bonds cost more than the yields show

The Greek government may be celebrating the "low" interest rates with which it has tapped the international bond markets this year, but those rates - besides being the highest in the eurozone - entail an additional cost that constitutes the collateral for investors, particularly the long-term investing funds.

Stricter inspections from travel to and from non-Schengen countries

Police inspections at airports are to become stricter from this week for European citizens traveling to countries that are not members of the border-free Schengen area.

Specifically, in accordance with European regulations first adopted in 2017, travelers will be required to show a passport and not just a police identity card to facilitate database security checks.