Europe and Islam

At the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit in Istanbul, it was proposed that a "European Muslims group" should be formed. There is an Asia group, an Arab group and an Africa group in the OIC, so why should there not be a Europe group? 

Of course, when one says "Islam" and "Europe," colossal issues and hopes come to mind. 

Another Bosnian war on the brink?

Sarajevo is a typical Ottoman town where you instantly come across mosques, bazaars and fountains remaining from the Ottoman era, while there are many Turkish-speaking people to be found walking through its streets. Yet there is a major factor which differentiates the city from other Ottoman towns: Its gloom.

Ugljanin declares victory in minority councils elections

Ugljanin declares victory in minority councils elections

NOVI PAZAR -- Head of the "For Bosniak Unity" list Sulejman Ugljanin has declared final victory in the elections for the councils of national minorities.

He made the statement after repeat elections on Sunday in the municipality of Tutin, southwestern Serbia.