NATO's 'Sea Shield' Exercise Kicks Off in Romania with Bulgarian Military Participation

As tensions simmer in the Black Sea region, NATO's multinational exercise "Sea Shield" commences today, drawing more than 2,200 military personnel from Romania and allied nations. The exercise, spearheaded by the Romanian Navy, aims to enhance maritime security and combat readiness in the coastal area of the Black Sea and along the Danube River.

NATO without America

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the most successful military alliance in history, is stronger than it's ever been. Russia's February 2022 invasion of Ukraine made NATO's continuing purpose and value crystal-clear, and the organization brought in able new members Finland and Sweden.

Türkiye expect anti-terror cooperation from all NATO members

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has reiterated Ankara's expectation of full cooperation in the fight against terrorism from the NATO allies during the alliance's two-day summit in Brussels.

"We have expressed our expectation that all the NATO countries should fully and unconditionally support Türkiye in fighting terrorism," Fidan told reporters late on April 4.