Bulgarian Foreign Minister: The Risk for Bulgaria is related to the Security in the Black Sea region

The main risks facing Bulgaria are related to security in the Black Sea region, as well as hybrid and cyber-attacks. This was stated by Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska in connection with the Russia-Ukraine conflict and NATO-Russian tensions during an extraordinary session of parliament scheduled at the request of GERB.

CNN: The United States is Considering Sending up to 1,000 Troops to Bulgaria

The United States and its allies are considering the deployment of troops in NATO's Eastern European countries as a precautionary measure against a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was reported by CNN, citing officials of the US administration.

NATO will Expand its Military Presence in Eastern Europe

Russia on the turning point?

Former Russian President, and now the vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev stated that the process of negotiations on security guarantees is the only way to resolve the current situation.
"To avoid war, you must negotiate", he added.

Source from Brussels: Bulgaria does Not Want American Soldiers, but is Ready to Accept French

Bulgaria does not want American troops on its territory, but is ready to accept French, a diplomatic source from Brussels told BNR.

The decision is expected to be made in mid-February, around a meeting of NATO defense ministers.

Bulgarian PM after Security Council on Tensions in the East: We Remain a Loyal Partner of NATO

Putin managed to cause dispute within NATO; "Americans are exhausted"

It's a confusing time for Americans when it comes to world affairs, with the government explaining on the one hand why it was time to pull out of Afghanistan, but on the other why it's also time to stand up for Ukraine, on which eastern border Ukraine has amassed more than 100.000 troops.

Pundit says Ukraine conflict dangerous muscle flexing

Ljubljana – Professor Boštjan Udovič criticised Russia and the US for not making efforts to reduce the growing tensions on the Ukrainian border as he commented on the situation for the STA on Tuesday. He labelled the conflict as muscle flexing similar to that witnessed in Georgia in 2008.