Sense of calm prevails in the Aegean

The improvement of relations between Greece and Turkey and the sharp decrease in tensions is not only at the diplomatic level but also, and almost in tandem, with the operational situation on the ground.

In addition to the opening of channels of communication, both sides have also reached an informal agreement to limit military exercises in the Aegean to the absolute minimum.

Greece among 7 out of 30 allies to meet NATO spending target in 2022

Greece was among seven out of 30 allies to meet NATO's military spending target of 2% of GDP in 2022, one country less than in 2021 before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to the alliance's annual report for 2022. 

Speaking ahead of the launch, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg urged allies to boost defense investment more quickly.

NATO: The Majority of Bulgarians support an Increase in Defense Spending

According to 83% of Bulgarian citizens, our country should spend more on defense, while only 8% disagree, and 9% cannot decide. This is indicated by data from a NATO study, included in the annual report on the Alliance's activities presented today, cited by BTA correspondent Nikolay Zhelyazkov.

NATO chief welcomes Türkiye move to ratify Finland membership

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on March 17 hailed Türkiye 's decision to push ahead with ratifying Finland's membership, and said Sweden should also be allowed to join "as soon as possible".

"The most important thing is that both Finland and Sweden become full members of NATO quickly, not whether they join at exactly the same time," Stoltenberg said.

State Department OKs Greek purchase of US amphibious vehicles

The US Department of State has approved the potential purchase by Greece of a number of assault amphibious vehicles, noting that "(t)his proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States, helping to improve the security of a NATO ally that is an important partner for political stability and economic progress in Europe."