The EU via Nicosia

More and more efforts are building to convince Turkey that for a place in the European Union - even in a future outer layer of a multi-layered one - Ankara must see the reality that the road passes through Nicosia. Which Nicosia?

Turkey offers water to Greek Cyprus to contribute to peace on island

Turkey has officially begun to supply fresh water to Turkish Cyprus via a much awaited pipeline project, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an saying the water may be shared with the Greek side of the divided island. 

"If the south [Greek Cyprus] says 'We also want to utilize this water,' we will carry them water, calling it 'peace water,'" said Erdo?an in Cyprus.

IMF spokesman: ‘Cyprus is a success story’

“Cyprus is a success story” was the exact term used by IMF spokesman Gerry Rice on Thursday to describe the island republic’s economic recovery, almost three years after its sovereign debt financial meltdown.

He added that a recent return to growth shows that the efforts undertaken to implement difficult reforms are beginning to pay-off, according to the Cyprus News Agency.