Developer of children's healthy lifestyle app Wello selected to join Google's Startups Accelerator

Wello, the AI-based healthcare platform for children and parents, has been selected to join the Google for Startups accelerator as part of the Business Model Mastering programme for companies in the growth phase, a release informs.

Turkish city planning project to feed stray animals

Turkey's Konya Metropolitan Municipality is planning to launch a project to feed stray animals by collecting leftovers in the city and turning them into animal food using modern processing techniques.
Uğur Ibrahim Altay, the mayor of Konya, emphasized that they have carried out many pilot projects for stray animals.
Altay said the project will be an example to the world.

Today Is the World Obesity Day

On March 4 we mark the World Obesity Day. The idea is to encourage people around the world to maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity, especially in developed countries, is increasing and acquiring a pandemic.

In five years, it is expected that every second person will be overweight, with currently 40% of people over 18 in the world weighing more than normal.

Greeks fear cancer but don't do tests, survey shows

Nine out of 10 Greeks have a friend or relative with cancer while one in two worry about falling victim to it themselves, according to a survey carried out by the Greek Cancer Society ahead of World Cancer Day on Tuesday. 

It also showed that most Greeks underestimate the impact of obesity and overconsumption of alcohol on their health, with most avoiding undergoing medical tests. 

Vegetarians Have Worse Hangovers

A study shows that vegetarians suffer worse from hangover than consuming meat appetizers. Nicotinic acid and zinc are necessary for the degradation of ethanol.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical, Dutch researchers at the University of Utrecht conducted an experiment on 13 drinkers at a company.

Parliamentary sub-panel offers 'small proportions' for Gaziantep’s fight against obesity

The Turkish Parliament's subcommittee for the fight against obesity has discussed possible solutions to southeastern Gaziantep province's above-average obesity rates, offering "small portions" for the cuisine's tasty dishes.

The parliamentary panel on Dec. 18 addressed the gastronomical haven's health problems and attempted to find a solution for the Gaziantep people to stay "fit."