Obesity a hefty time bomb hovering above Greece

The Health Ministry is reportedly preparing a special program for obesity, as citizens and many doctors still do not consider it a disease and do not take targeted measures to deal with it. The program will focus on prevention, early diagnosis and treatment with free follow-up by a nutritionist and other professionals.

Every Third Bulgarian Child Is Overweight

Bulgaria is facing a concerning trend as new data reveals that every third child in the country is overweight, with obesity rates soaring among adolescents. According to data from 2022, the prevalence of obesity among children aged 7 to 19 is alarmingly high, with the most cases identified among seventh-grade students. These findings were shared by Deputy Minister of Health Assoc.

Functional food, made in Greece

How about a snack that's just as delicious but way healthier than the usual greasy potato chip when you're desperate for a quick nibble? Or a glass of milk containing a higher concentration of melatonin instead of a pill when you're tossing and turning in your bed?

Obesity: Alarming estimates for adults and children

The global threat of obesity also lingers in Greece, where four in 10 adults and almost one in four children and teenagers will be obese by 2035 if preventive measures aren't taken to offset the current trends, according to the World Obesity Atlas for 2023 published on Thursday by the World Obesity Federation.