Team of British Antarctic Survey Will Study Giant Iceberg

A team of scientists is being sent to the South Atlantic to study the giant iceberg A68a.

The 3,900-sq-km behemoth is currently drifting offshore of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia where it threatens to run aground.

If that happens it could make life extremely difficult for the wildlife haven's penguins and seals as they go about foraging for fish and krill.

Demarcating maritime zones

An article by Vassilis Nedos which appeared in Kathimerini's Sunday edition on May 10, titled "Ankara's militarization on Athens' radar," refers to Rear Admiral Cihat Yayci's book "Requirements of Greece: The Problems in the Aegean with Questions and Answers," which was published recently by the Turkish Navy.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny

It will be mostly sunny today, with temporary increase in clouds, more considerably in the afternoon.

The winds will be light, or light to moderate in the Danubian Plain and eastern Bulgaria, blowing from the east. Maximum temperatures will range between 14C and 19C, in Sofia around 14C.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 13C and 18C

Today, the clouds will start to break from the north and will clear to some sunny spells in the afternoon across most of the country.

In the Danubian Plain and in the eastern areas, moderate east-northeast will continue blow. Maximum temperatures will range between 13C and 18C, slightly lower along the Black Sea coast.