Coronavirus subvariants bypass immunity – New vaccines from October

Vacationers huddling on ships and aircraft for a visit to some Greek summer paradise will be exposed without any shield to the new subvariants of the virus.

Since the new sub-variants are evading vaccines and new vaccines are still delayed, it seems that the only protective measures against the coronavirus are masks, distances and hygiene rules.

Tiodorovic: "No changes in the restrictions necessary"

Tiodorovic stated that new rules are not needed at the moment.
As Tiodorovi said for today's edition of "Blic", no changes in the measures are possible now, because too little time has passed since the omicron strain appeared in Serbia, which is why there is no clear study and complete insight into the situation.

Bulgarian Virologist: Omicron Sub Variants are more Contagious

"The virus is quite active. Not only did Omicron appear, but there are sub-variants. These are BA.1 - the classic Omicron, BA.2 and BA.3. Probably all three occurred at the same time. It is noteworthy that BA.2 is less well known, but it also has some advantages because it is much easier to spread.

Omicron 2: 150% more contagious than the original variant – Not more dangerous

The Omicron sub-variant with the scientific name BA.2, also known as "stealth" or Omicron 2, which is constantly gaining ground in several countries, is not a cause for serious concern, as it is unlikely to "insidiously" create a new catastrophic epidemic. wave and change the course of the pandemic again.