Panagiotis Pikrammenos

Judiciary in turmoil due to handling of Novartis probe

Straight on the heels of Justice Minister Michalis Kalogirou's order yesterday that a disciplinary probe be launched against him, former Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis (who was supervisor of the corruption prosecutors handling the Novartis probe) has sent an open letter to the press outlining a long string of procedural violations and allegations that there were targeted prosec

A paradigm of dignity

An apology means nothing under the law, Panagiotis Pikrammenos said in a statement on Thursday. The mere mention of his name in the Novartis file 14 months ago was a premature yet pretty clear sign of what the affair's real objectives were. 

Ex-PM Pikrammenos: Novartis case set up by politicians to harm opponents

Straight on the heels of the judiciary's decision to close his case file regarding possible involvement in the Novartis scandal for lack of any evidence, former caretaker PM Panagiotis Pikrammenos has said that the Novartis scandal in Greece was set up by politicians who attempted to exploit real corruption in the pharmaceuticals industry in order to harm their political opponents.

Editorial: The Novartis fiasco

The affair that a SYRIZA minister had described as "the biggest scandal since the establishment of the Greek state" is turning into a political fiasco.

The case was closed for lack of evidence for four of the ten politicians who were targeted and probed. The same is expected to happen for another five.

Novartis probe : Four politicians absolved, focus on Loverdos

The Novartis affair, which was once described by the government as the biggest scandal since the establishment of the Greek state, appears to be fizzling out as the judiciary closed the investigation due to lack of evidence for four politicians and sent only the case of former health minister Andreas Loverdos (Pasok) to parliament with a request that his parliamentary immunity be lifted so that

Panel explores US role in the Greek crisis

The United States was a "true mediator" between Athens and its international creditors at the peak of the Greek crisis and helped prevent the country's ouster from the eurozone on several occasions, Kathimerini's Washington correspondent, Katerina Sokou, said during a panel discussion on the subject of "The US Role in the Greek Debt Crisis."