The Untold Story: New Report Reveals 7,000 Additional TB Deaths During COVID-19 Pandemic

Nearly 7,000 excess deaths from tuberculosis occurred in the WHO European Region in the three years of the pandemic from 2020 - 2022, compared to what experts had expected based on pre-2020 estimates. This increased mortality was a direct result of the pandemic and would not have occurred if TB diagnosis and treatment efforts had not been disrupted during the pandemic.

Flu Epidemic Spreads: Sofia Region Declares Health Emergency

Amidst a surge in influenza cases, the Sofia region has officially entered a flu epidemic, adding to the growing list of areas grappling with the viral outbreak. Effective today, January 25, and lasting until February 1, health authorities have declared a state of emergency in the Sofia region, introducing temporary anti-epidemic measures that may evolve based on the flu wave's progression.

Now it's official: In China, hospitals are full, in America, dogs are dying en masse

Due to the fact that even the first news about the coronavirus from China were vague and mysterious, and that no one could have guessed that a pandemic would occur, the news that a virus that attacks the lungs appeared in China and that caused hospitalization of large number of children went off like a bomb.

Greeks opting for bigger homes

The trend of a greater part of the buying public turning toward the acquisition of larger homes is consolidating, something which began to be reflected in the market especially after the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to a nationwide survey by RE/MAX Greece, one in two buyers now prefers the acquisition of a residence of more than 75 square meters.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 60 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

The new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria for the last 24 hours are 60, according to the data of the Unified Information Portal.

1,782 tests were carried out, which means that the proportion of positive results is 3.36 percent.

Three patients with confirmed coronavirus infection have died.