Your Guide to Paros

From teen partygoers to young families, from gourmet couples to wizened hikers, from stylish art lovers to island hopping students, Paros welcomes all-comers with open arms

Land of warmth, light and antiquity

Victoria Hislop first visited Greece with her mother and sister in 1976, at the age of 17. They spent a week in Athens and then another on the island of Paros. "We had the opportunity to get a taste of the diversity of Greece. On the one hand, the heat and dust of Athens, the wonderful confusion of traffic, people, noise and great monuments.

As development alters Greek islands’ nature and culture, locals push back

ATHENS - With a deluge of foreign visitors fueling seemingly nonstop development on once pristine Greek islands, local residents and officials are beginning to fight back, moving to curb a wave of construction that has started to cause water shortages and is altering the islands' unique cultural identity.

‘Work From Greece’ visits destinations, an initiative of Marketing Greece, carried out a series of actions over the last few weeks in Athens, Paros, Evia, Hania, Kalamata and Syros, with the aim of attracting the interest of digital nomads and remote workers to Greek destinations, as well as to hold a discussion with local tourism communities about the phenomenon of digital nomads.

Despotiko, a font of ancient treasures

Archaeologist Yannos Kourayos has been digging on Despotiko since 1997. Yet even as the pioneer of excavation efforts on the uninhabited islet southwest of Antiparos in the Cyclades, he is surprised at the wealth of treasures the site has yielded over the years. In addition to this year's discoveries, his tally includes two complete kouros statues and 11 heads.