Helleniq planning RES investments, while eyeing hydrocarbons

Helleniq Energy is 12 to 18 months away from deciding whether to go ahead with drilling in the Ionian Sea and off the coast of the western Peloponnese, the CEO of the Greek petroleum firm told the Delphi Economic Forum on Thursday, adding that while the shift to greener forms of energy will happen, a "realistic plan" is needed in the meantime.

The 2025 budget - Hatzidakis: €870 million support package with pension increase, tax reduction and abolition of self-employed tax

All that was announced by the Minister, speaking at the Delphi Economic Forum - There will be legislative intervention if commissions on electronic transactions are not reduced, he said

Injured hiker rescued near Delphi

A Dutch woman was rescued after sustaining a head injury while hiking near Delphi in central Greece.

The woman had embarked on a cross-country hike from the Delphi archaeological site towards the village of Kroki on Thursday when she slipped and injured her face. Nonetheless, she managed to call the emergency number 112 for assistance.

Permanent medical staff to be stationed at six archaeological sites

Medical staff providing first aid on a permanent basis and an ambulance for emergencies will be provided during the upcoming summer tourist season at six archaeological sites around the country by the contractors who will be selected via a tender of the Organization for the Management and Development of Cultural Resources (ODAP).

A conference of reflection

It's one of those times when the final result exceeds expectations. The three-day conference that Kathimerini organized last week, along with the National Bank Cultural Foundation, Delphi Economic Forum, and the Hellenic Observatory at the LSE's European Institute, on 50 years since the restoration of democracy in Greece, to a large degree ended up being what we all hoped for.

Greece’s role in shifting global dynamics

The delicate balances in a rapidly changing world and a world order that is being tested by two devastating wars, while global leaders are holding their breath in view of the US elections, were the focus of the discussions that took place on February 12 and 13 at the 5th Forum for Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, co-organized by Kathimerini English Edition, Delphi Economic Forum

Bringing Greece’s role in its region to Washington

As Greece steadily becomes a crucial part of the geopolitical puzzle in the East Med and the Balkans, with tangible contributions to the political, military and energy developments in the region, a presentation and analysis of its role to the decision makers in Washington can only prove useful to all.

Mytilineos becomes EU’s largest bauxite producer

Imerys Bauxites' operations will merge with Mytilineos' wholly-owned subsidiary, Delphi Distomon, as part of the Metallurgy Sector's ongoing vertical integration. This move establishes the largest bauxite producer in Europe, significantly increasing the production capacity to 1.2 million tons annually - a European record and one of the largest globally.