Plovdiv Turns to Indian Drivers Amidst Local Shortage

Public transport management in Bulgaria's Plovdiv is facing a shortage of drivers, leading them to recruit personnel from abroad. According to BNT, approximately 30 Indian drivers will soon be operating city buses in Plovdiv, as efforts to find drivers from neighboring countries like Moldova and Ukraine have not been successful.

Celebrating Family Values: Bulgaria's National 'Walk for the Family' Set for June 15

The national "Walk for the Family" event, celebrating marriage, family, and children, is scheduled for June 15 this year in Bulgarian cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna. Alongside traditional processions, organizers have arranged concert programs and various entertainments for attendees.

Drunk American Crashed on "Trakia" Highway in Bulgaria

An American residing in Burgas was involved in a car crash on the Trakia highway, resulting in significant damage to his vehicle. Following the incident, the driver underwent alcohol testing, which revealed a blood alcohol concentration of 2.98 per thousand, though he declined to provide a blood sample for further chemical analysis.

The Population of Sofia is Almost 2 Million People

46 of all 257 cities and towns in Bulgaria increased their population last year, and only five of them are regional centers. This shows a comparison of the data of the current demographic statistics of the National Statistical Institute for population by cities and towns as of December 31, 2023 with those of a year earlier, reported BTA.

Taxi Drivers in Bulgaria Demand Significant Fare Increase

Amidst growing discontent among taxi operators across Bulgaria, drivers in major cities like Burgas, Varna, and now Plovdiv are demanding a substantial hike in fares to cope with rising operational costs. Following in the footsteps of their colleagues, taxi drivers in Plovdiv have joined the chorus, pushing for a drastic increase in service rates.

Bulgaria: Brestovitsa Residents Protest Against Muddy and Polluted Tap Water

For the past four years, residents of the picturesque village of Brestovitsa in Plovdiv have been grappling with a troubling issue: muddy water contaminated with manganese flowing from their taps. Despite ongoing efforts to address the problem, frustration levels are reaching a boiling point, leading to yet another round of protests.

Vandalism Strikes Ancient Treasure: Great Basilica in Plovdiv Targeted by Drunken Youths

In a brazen act of vandalism, the historic Great Basilica in the heart of Plovdiv fell victim to a senseless attack perpetrated by intoxicated youths. The incident, which unfolded under cover of darkness, saw the perpetrators wreak havoc by shattering a glass pane of the ornate decorative fences, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Foreign Company Invests BGN 107 Million in New Factory Near Plovdiv, Creating 115 Jobs

The Minister of Economy, Bogdan Bogdanov, marked a significant milestone with the official commencement of construction for Schneider Electric's new production facility for electrical components in the "Thrace Economic Zone" near Plovdiv.