Plovdiv is Without Heating and Hot Water due to a Major Accident

An accident left large parts of Plovdiv without heating and hot water.

The heat supply has been restored only in some parts of the residential area "Trakia", in the other five districts of Plovdiv there is no heating and hot water.

The accident is very big and is probably due to leaky heat pipes, but it is not yet specified where it is and what exactly caused it.

Checks for "Green Certificates" in Bulgaria Start Tomorrow

This was the last weekend without fines in restaurants if you do not have a green certificate. The promise of the health services is to start intensified inspections and fines from tomorrow.

In order to meet the new requirements, owners of restaurants in Plovdiv are already opening points for quick tests.

Weather in Bulgaria: Yellow Code for Heavy Rainfall in 6 Districts in the Country

Yellow code for heavy rainfall is in force for 6 districts in the country on October 11. This is indicated by a reference on the NIMH website. The warning is valid for the districts of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyan.

Bulgarian Census 2021: Last day for Electronic Counting

Last day you can count electronically. The deadline expires today at midnight.

Then the only way to enter the statistics is through a counter. The deadline for this is extended to 20.00 on October 10. The National Statistical Institute reminds about the advantages of filling in the data electronically.

Prof. Vitanov Sends New Alarm: Universe May Be Drowned in Our Tears

I can see that something alarming is brewing in the depths, and I can't prevent it. But at least let me tell you, so whoever wants can protect thrmselves,. Today, the basic reproduction number is 1,122. Which means the scope of the infection is expanding. It is also evident in the increasing the number of active cases. That's what mathematician Prof.

Bulgarians Commemorate 100 Years Since the Death of the Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature

Today Bulgarians commemorate 100 years since the death of the Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature Ivan Vazov.

A memorial ceremony was held in the capital, organized by the National Literary Museum at the poet's grave, behind the St. Sophia Church. Relatives of Ivan Vazov and representatives of state and cultural institutions attended the pilgrimage.