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National Revenue Agency Puts Under Observation 3600 Companies

Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency (NRA) warned 3600 that it puts them under special observation, reports Vesti.bg.

NRA sent letters to the firms that their activities and cash registers are being supervised, due to considerably lower than usual turnover, compared to similar companies. 

Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency To Check Auto Glass Shops

Inspectors of Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency started checkups in the auto glass shops in Sofia, said the institution. 

The inspections are prompted by numerous complaints of car owners after yesterday's hailstorm in Sofia, that the repair shops don't issue receipts, as required by law. 

US adopts bill on Christian properties in Turkey

The U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs has adopted a bill on monitoring the return of property confiscated from Christians in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

The Committee will put a bill before the House to provide annual assessments on the status of, and U.S. efforts to return, property such as churches to the former Christian owners.