Air pollution increases in Turkey as researchers struggle to access vital data  

Air quality across Turkey is above the safety limit values set by the World Health Organization (WHO), according to the Right to Clean Air Platform, an independent nongovernmental organization focused on the issue of air pollution in the country.

Drapetsona : Oil One the possible source of strong odour, environmental pollution

Parents and even more so grandparents of students of Drapetsona's Second Primary School - at the junction of Georgiou Afara and Eleftherios Venizos Streets - may not be aware of methanethiol (methyl-merkaptani in Greek) but they can certainly recognise the odour in the air that they breathe.

Ministry of Environment to be lawyer of the five cities under infringement procedure for pollution with NOx

The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MMAP) will play the role of a lawyer for the five cities in Romania facing an infringement procedure for repeatedly exceeding the nitrogen dioxide (NOx) values, said the Minister of Environment, Costel Alexe.   "Bucharest is by far the worst case of the five.

European Environment Agency sees lower air pollution

After Environment Ministry measurements last week pointed to a decrease in air pollution in Greece following the imposition of restrictions on movement, new data from the European Environment Agency (EEA) points to drops in pollutants in major European cities that are under lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus.