Price stability

Eurozone Consumer Prices Close to Record Highs - ECB

The European Central Bank announced that the consumer price index of the Eurozone has edged to its highest level in a decade. The bank admitted that it had underestimated the potential risk of price increase in EU. The latest figures may provoke a change in the overall ECB policy aimed at containing inflation at significantly lower levels, Reuters elaborated.

Turkey's Central Bank keeps interest rates steady

Turkey's Central Bank on June 17 kept its one-week repo rate- also known as the policy rate- steady at 19%, in line with market expectations.

After the committee's sixth Monetary Policy Committee meeting this year, the bank said in a statement that "high levels of inflation expectations continue to pose risks to the pricing behavior and inflation outlook."

Central bank holds interest rate at 19% under new chief

Turkey's central bank on April 15 held its main interest rate at 19 percent in the first decision since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sacked its former governor.

In its fourth Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting under new Governor Şahap Kavcıoğlu, the bank made no changes to its benchmark policy rate - also known as the one-week repo rate- keeping it at 19%.

Central Bank hikes main interest rate to 19%

Turkey's central bank on March 18 hiked its main interest rate by a higher-than-expected 200 basis points to 19 percent to counter rising inflation and the dropping value of the lira.

The bank said it "has decided to implement a front-loaded and strong additional monetary tightening" after seeing the annual inflation rate climb to 15.6 percent last month.

Turkish Central Bank to continue firm steps for price stability

The Turkish Central Bank is focusing on ensuring permanent price stability while implementing a steady monetary policy, the bank's Governor Naci Ağbal said on March 5. 

"We will continue to take firm steps towards achieving price stability through a confidence-oriented monetary policy in the upcoming period," Ağbal wrote on the bank's blog.

Turkish Central Bank to increase reserves via auctions

With the stabilization of capital inflows and reversal of dollarization trend in deposit/participation funds, the Turkish Central Bank will increase its reserves through auctions, the governor said on Feb. 9. 

"When the conditions are mature enough, we will share our plan for this with the public in an open and transparent manner," Naci Ağbal told a meeting with economists.

Central Bank chief aims for lasting price stability

Turkish Central Bank Gov. Naci Ağbal said the economy has lost some pace recently but signs that Turks are shifting toward lira assets suggests a reversal in dollarization may come.

"We are working day and night to achieve lasting price stability," Ağbal told Reuters in an interview.

"We know we are in a difficult period."

Turkish Central Bank to form three new divisions, says officials

The Turkish Central Bank has decided to establish three new divisions in a bid to adapt its organizational structure to its priorities, according to a statement issued by officials on Feb. 4. 

Under its Structural Economic Research Department, the bank will form a division in charge of analyzing developments in the food and agricultural product markets.