Public housing

Covering the absence of social housing

The number of people living in houses they own has dropped, as the cost of buying or renting has skyrocketed and demand for homes by Greek and foreign buyers has strengthened.

The housing problem is now acute and Greece must find ways of dealing with it while lacking any social housing tools, in contrast to the rest of Europe, where such interventions cover 20%-30% of the market.

The housing puzzle

The problem of many people in finding affordable housing has become a pressing issue in almost all the major cities of the West. The government has taken and continues to take measures to support young would-be property owners or tenants.

For Budapest, Prague and Sofia, Brownfield Sites Are No Cure for Housing Blues

Huge projects are due to deliver new neighbourhoods in Prague. Photo: Central Group Priced out

In the Hungarian capital, buyers need more than 16 average annual salaries to buy a 75 square metre (m2) apartment. This means that if you start working at 23 and miraculously don't spend on anything else, at 40 you can own a home. This trend accelerated especially from 2015 on.

Casting lots for housing project in Istanbul begins

Within the scope of the İlk Evim (My First Home) Project, the first drawing of lots for Istanbul's Tuzla district took place on March 16, with owners of 20,920 new houses determined already.

The draw was held at Tuzla Viaport Marina in the municipality's event tent at 10 a.m. and was broadcast live online.