Drama in the sky: A plane full of passengers started to collapse, numerous injured

Several of them were transported to the hospital after landing.
The incident happened around 16:00 local time, and numerous emergency teams waited for the passengers on the runway after landing in Auckland.
According to officials, at least one person is in serious condition.
It is a flight of LATAM Airlines Group.

Qantas lets female cabin crew ditch high heels

Australia's national airline announced on June 9 that it will scrap its gender-based uniform guidelines, allowing male cabin crew to wear make-up and giving women the option to ditch high heels.

Qantas said it had overhauled its guidelines to better reflect modern expectations, and to make uniforms more comfortable for staff from "diverse cultural backgrounds."

Australian Airline Qantas Breaks a World Record with a Direct Flight from London to Sydney

Australian airline Qantas set a record. The carrier's plane flew from London to Sydney without making any intermediate stops.

The flight was part of a research study on ways to minimize the negative effects of long flights for passengers and improve crew health. So the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flew 17,800 kilometers in 19 hours, and 50 passengers on board saw a double sunrise.

Tragedy averted mid air as Air France engine blows out (photos-video of emergency landing)

A team of investigators and engineers headed to Canada Sunday to inspect an Airbus A380 superjumbo operated by Air France which was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine explosion.
The double-decker aircraft carrying 496 passengers and 24 crew had taken off from Paris on Saturday bound for Los Angeles and was several hours into the flight when the blow-out occurred.

New Zealand Jet Fuel Shortage Leaves Passengers Stranded

Thousands of airline passengers were stranded in Auckland on Monday after a burst pipeline cut jet fuel supplies to New Zealand's largest airport, reported BBC. 

The damaged pipeline is Auckland Airport's only source of jet fuel.

The disruption is expected to last at least a week as work continues to repair the pipe, the operator said.

Emirates shakes hands with Rolls-Royce on A380 engines

Dubai's Emirates said on Dec. 29 it has reached an agreement with Rolls-Royce over a "technical issue" relating to the engines of Airbus's A380 superjumbo, and confirmed receiving one plane this week.

The carrier also said it "will continue to receive deliveries of both A380s and (Boeing) 777s in 2017."