Rudest location names in Britain! (hilarious!)

Naming a place, location or village can be a pretty tough task if you’re starting from scratch.
You want it to be something memorable but not so ridiculous that it becomes a joke.
It’s doubtful that we’ll ever get asked to name a new town or even a little country lane, but even so we definitely wouldn’t settle on a name like Curry Mallet, Loose Bottom or New Invention.

American Lysistrata denies husband sex for voting Trump

The recent shock victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections has not only wreaked havoc among communities; it has also affected family life, as evidenced by the story of one disgruntled American husband, who vented his frustration on Reddit at being denied sex by his wife because he cast his ballot in favor of the Republican candidate.

Guy is spitting image of Natalie Portman (photo)

It is often very flattering for women to be likened to famous female super stars. But what happens when you are a guy and they says you look exactly like a beautiful female actress. Just ask Clyff, a man from Brooklyn New York, who saw an old picture of his 13-year old self posted on Reddit by his girlfriend!

Can you spot the naked woman in this map? (photo)

At first glance it looks like an ordinary map. But hidden beneath the contour lines, lakes and forests is hidden an image of a nude lady that went viral over the internet with more than 2 million views. The map was posted by a social media user by the name of ‘Shinygreencloud’ on Imgur. It had also been posted on Reddit with users commenting it was a fireman from 1982.

Rapists talk about their crimes on Redditt causing online storm

The Reddit discussion on “ask a rapist” was started by researchers from Georgia State University wishing to explore the psychology of sexual violence. The threat allowed self-identifying rapists to narrate their experiences anonymously. Before long, it caused an online storm and needed to be removed.