Croat Detained for Posting Videos of Him Racially Abusing Foreigners

The main square in Zagreb. Photo: EPA-EFE/ANTONIO BAT

The 35-year-old man from Ivanic Grad, 30km from Zagreb, is in custody, police said on Monday.

Police said the video could qualify as a criminal offence of public incitement to violence and hatred. The law stipulates a prison sentence of up to three years for this crime.

The police stated that immediately after they found out about the videos, they began investigating and collecting relevant data to identify the author.

In a second video, also published on Reddit, the same man expresses his support for Ukraine and uses the Nazi salute with his right hand in the air.

It is still unknown whether he personally put these recordings on the social network or they ended up on Reddit via various communication channels.

"Here's another Untermensch in Zagreb. Go home. This is not your country. F**king N****. Where are you from?" the man shouts at the foreign worker in the video. When the delivery man tells him that he is from India, the man tells him to "Go home to India".

"This is our country, Croatia. This is Europe. It's for whites, not for black people," he continues.

This was not his first video showing him attacking foreigners in Zagreb. More than two weeks ago, another video featuring the same man was also posted on Reddit.

"I came to Zagreb and the first thing I see is a black man! Hey, a N****! Here he is, a N****  Sieg Heil!" he says in that video, which ended up on

Although most of the comments on the post are condemnatory, there are a number of likes and those who supported it, all from anonymous profiles.

"It can be concluded that there was an intention to promote such content. If there was indeed such an intention, it is a...

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