Rhodope Mountains

Weather in Bulgaria: Yellow Code for Heavy Rainfall in 6 Districts in the Country

Yellow code for heavy rainfall is in force for 6 districts in the country on October 11. This is indicated by a reference on the NIMH website. The warning is valid for the districts of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyan.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Unique City of Dead at Perpericon

A city of the dead was discovered by archaeologists in the ancient settlement of Perperikon in the Eastern Rhodopes, BNR correspondent Valya Apostolova reported from Kardzhali. Eight large mausoleums from the times of the Roman Empire have been discovered, located amphitheatrically in the southern part of the rock settlement.

Bulgaria: Siren Test Will Take Place on October 1 in Several Cities and Businesses

Implementation of an ordinance on the terms and conditions for the functioning of the National system for early warning and notification of the population is planned training on October 1, which will be held in the cities: Burgas, Varna, Kardzhali, Montana, Pazardzhik, Pleven, Plovdiv, Ruse , Smolyan, Sofia, Vratsa, Stara Zagora, Galabovo, Tsarevo, Ahtopol, the village of Lozenets, Shabla and t

Weather in Bulgaria: Windy with Variable Clouds Today

Today over the country the clouds will be variable, in the afternoon over the southwestern half more often significant and in some places, it will rain lightly. This was announced for FOCUS News Agency by the weather forecaster on duty Victoria Kleshtanova from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH). It will be windy, with moderate and strong wind from east-northeast.

New Archeological Findings at Bulgaria’s Perperikon

A stone bath for newborn babies from the 6th century and a second mausoleum-rotunda are the latest unique finds of Perperikon, announced Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov.

According to him, his team is already in the middle of the excavations planned for this year. More than 60 workers are on site - from early July to late September.

Еmblematic Devil's Bridge in Ardino to Apply for UNESCO World Heritage List

Ardino Municipality, Kardzhali District, will apply to UNESCO for including the emblematic Devil's Bridge in the list of world cultural and natural heritage. The stone structure was built in the 14th century and was one of the main road connections of the Rhodope Mountains with the Aegean Sea.

Bulgaria Recovers after Disastrous Floods

Bulgaria is recovering after the water disaster. There are still closed roads. Due to the heavy rainfall, the road to Gotse Delchev collapsed. Yesterday, emergency crews were trying to reinforce the cracked lane.

Landslides have buried several houses in the Dospat region. The floods caused huge material damage.

Gotse Delchev - Dospat road remains closed.