Rumen Radev

Stand Up! Mafiosi Out! Wait to See Slavi Trifonov to Form Government

Maya Manolova,MP of the new parliamentary party Stand Up BG! Mafiosi Out!" told bTV that the consultations with President Rumen Radev were "constructive, open, transparent and all parliamentary groups have declared their intentions in terms of supporting the formation of a stable government.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Voices Concern over New Special Prosecutor

"Tangible risks have been created for arbitrariness and violation of rights of the participants in the criminal proceedings, including the prosecutor general and his deputies under investigation," stated Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev in a written statement submitted to the Constitutional Court (CC) concerning the changes in the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and the Judiciary Act, which created

Political Consultations Convened by President Radev Completed

Political Consultations with parties represented in the new National Assembly with the President Rumen Radev continued throughout the day.

Before opening the first meeting Radev addressed the parties, saying:

"I call on you and all parliamentary groups to bear responsibility - without shaking it off, but without going beyond your commission."

President Radev Will Start Consultations with Parties on Possible New Government

In accordance with the Bulgarian Constitution, President Rumen Radev will hold consultations with representatives of the parliamentary groups in the 45th National Assembly.

These consultations will precede the handing over a mandate to form a government to the candidate nominated for Prime Minister from the largest parliamentary group - GERB-UDF.

Bulgaria: Protest in Front of Parliament Building Staged amid New MPs’ Swearing-in Ceremony

Protesters gathered in front of the old parliament building with the inscription "Unity Makes Strength", where the solemn opening session of the newly elected 45th National Assembly begins. They demanded that parliament dissolve itself, new elections and a caretaker government.

LIVE: President Radev’s First Address to New Lawmakers

President Rumen Radev made his first address to the newly elected Members of Parliament from the grandstand of the 45th National Assembly:

"For many of you here, this is the first elected office. You will always find someone who will rebuke you for your lack of experience. I have heard it at the beginning, I hear it now," the head of state said.