Schengen Area

Turkish tourists flock to Lesvos

Turkish tourists are flocking to Lesvos on the occasion of the seker bayrami holiday in Turkey, with more than 1,700 visitors arriving on five ships from Ayvali on the opposite coast on Thursday.

The visitors were welcomed at the port of Mytilene with ouzo, sweets and hats by representatives from the local municipality and other agencies.

The European Parliament Urges Schengen Expansion for Bulgaria and Romania

In a decisive move to alleviate the burden on European truck drivers and streamline border crossings, the European Parliament (EP) has called for the lifting of Schengen land border controls for Bulgaria and Romania by the end of 2024. This significant step follows the recent abolition of air and sea border controls on March 31, 2024.

Bulgaria Urged to Pursue Full Schengen Membership by ALDE Co-Chair

ALDE co-chair Ilhan Kyuchyuk emphasized Bulgaria's imperative for full membership in the Schengen Area during Monday's EU Meets the Balkans Forum in Sofia.

Kyuchyuk asserted that Bulgaria rejects a "quasi-state" status and demands full integration into the Schengen Zone, highlighting the country's potential contributions to EU integration and its added value within the union.

New Measures Against Unlawful Child Removal Implemented by The Ministry of the Interior

In response to concerns regarding the unlawful taking of children out of the country following the lifting of border checks, the Ministry of the Interior has introduced new measures aimed at safeguarding children's welfare and preventing such occurrences.

Schengen Entry to Boost Bulgarian and Romanian Tourism, Experts Say

The entry of Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area by air and sea is anticipated to have a significant impact on tourism, with experts predicting a substantial increase in visitor numbers. According to international publication "Euronews," experts estimate that tourism in both countries could surge by 15 to 25 percent following their integration into the Schengen zone.

Schengen Launch at Burgas Airport: Revolutionizing Travel Efficiency

A landmark moment unfolds at Burgas Airport as the first Schengen flight touches down, signaling a new era of travel efficiency and convenience for passengers. With the introduction of Schengen operations, the airport gears up to streamline passenger transit, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing overall travel experience.