Socialism in Greece

Editorial: Battle for the future, no to the past

The formal countdown until the 7 July general election begins today.

Mr. Tsipras had no other choice after his enormous defeat in the 26 May European election but to request of the President of the Republic the dissolution of Parliament.

After over four years of SYRIZA rule, the country by all appearances is preparing to turn a page.

Tsipras presents SYRIZA’s programme after visit with Pavlopoulos

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' meeting with President Prokopis Pavlopoulos this afternoon the result of which is the dissolution of Parliament and the proclamation of a general election for 7 July marks the formal start of the electoral campaign.

The prime minister's rationale for calling the snap election is the course of the Greek economy and the need to stabilise it.

Minority party eyes alliances to make way into Parliament

Bolstered by a strong performance in last month's European Parliament elections, the Party of Equality, Peace and Friendship (KIEF), which represents the interests of Greece's Muslim minority in Western Thrace, is looking for electoral alliances that would boost its chances of parliamentary representation after the July 7 vote.

Prudence and moderation

Some readers may be upset by what I'm about to write, but I never believed that our job is to be pleasant. Greece is going through one of the most toxic pre-election periods it has experienced in decades. We are, unfortunately, about to hit the bottom of the proverbial barrel once again.

Vote estimate in new poll gives ND 10.2 percentage point lead over SYRIZA

New Democracy has gained ground over SYRIZA since its landslide victory in the 26 May European Parliament poll and now has a double-digit lead over the ruling party, according to the vote estimate in a poll that was released today by Metron Analysis and was ordered by Alpha television.

The many and the few

SYRIZA's argument that only it can represent the noble many against an evil minority highlights the confusion that reigns in Greece regarding who are the many and who the few, who are privileged and who are mere beasts of burden, what is progress and what is not.