Zuroff hopes Srebrenica resolution will fail, says UNGA "worst place" to vote on it

BELGRADE/JERUSALEM - Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director Efraim Zuroff said on Tuesday he hoped a UN Srebrenica genocide resolution would fail and noted that the UN General Assembly was the "worst place" to vote on the matter because it was a "political vote."

For Srebrenica survivors, accepting 'truth' is path to peace

For the relatives of the Srebrenica massacre victims, forgiving feels impossible, nearly 30 years on.

But if Serbs in Bosnia and Belgrade stop denying and accept that the atrocity was an act of genocide, as states a draft UN resolution due to be put to the vote Thursday, that would enable finding peace, some survivors say.

Vucevic: Gabon will not vote for Srebrenica resolution

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Monday Gabonese PM Raymond Ndonga Sima had informed him Gabon would not vote for a UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica.

Vucevic also thanked Gabon for its full support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia regarding Kosovo-Metohija.

Vucic receives Serbian patriarch, bishops and Dodik

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic hosted a lunch for Serbian Patriarch Porfirije, the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik on Friday to thank them for their assistance in the fight against the adoption of a UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica.

Vucic: We will seek resolution on WWII plight of Serbs at hands of Germany, Croatia

BELGRADE - Due to the proposed UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica, Serbia will seek a resolution on the plight of Serbs at the hands of Germany and Croatia during WWII, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Friday.

Vucic said adopting a Srebrenica resolution would open a Pandora's box.

Djuric calls for UN resolution leading to reconciliation, equal treatment of all victims

NEW YORK - Serbian Ambassador to the UN Marko Djuric called on UN Security Council member states on Tuesday to draft a new resolution on Srebrenica that would have the consensus of all three entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lead to progress and reconciliation and give equal treatment to all victims of the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Dacic: As things stand,Russia has secured UNSC session on Bosnia and Herzegovina

BELGRADE - As things stand, Russia has secured the holding of an extraordinary UN Security Council session on a draft Srebrenica resolution, Serbian Deputy PM and FM Ivica Dacic said on Monday.

The Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Zeljka Cvijanovic, will most likely address the session via a video link, Dacic told Pink TV.