Starčevo–Körös–Criș culture

Serbia one of emerging Europe's better performers since pandemic - Fitch expert

NEW YORK - Since COVID-19, Serbia has been one of emerging Europe's better performers, according to Paul Gamble, senior director in the Sovereign Group at Fitch Ratings, who notes that the Serbian government had "rationalised spending, enabling it to reduce debt, which has been backed up by strong growth and investment."

Stevanovic: Even development of Serbia is HOPE Coalition's priority

KRAGUJEVAC - Serbian HOPE Coalition official Veroljub Stevanovic said on Thursday in Kragujevac, central Serbia, that even development of the country was the coalition's priority.

The coalition is comprised of the New Democratic Party of Serbia and the Movement for Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia.

Air Serbia expects revenues of over 500 mln euros in 2023

BELGRADE - Air Serbia expects its revenues to exceed 500 mln euros in 2023, for the first time since it started operating under its present name, says the airline's CEO Jiri Marek.

Marek also expects the company to register record-high net profit by the end of the year, the Ex-Yu Aviation News internet portal reported.

The battle for Serbia's soul on walls of Belgrade

A visible pulse to the feelings on the street, the murals are everywhere in Belgrade in upmarket neighborhoods, on the side of the motorways, and stenciled onto concrete apartment blocks.

A rough - and highly contested - history of modern Serbia is written out in murals and slogans on the walls of its capital Belgrade.

Subotica-Szeged rail line reinstated after eight years

SUBOTICA - After eight years, a rail line between the Serbian city of Subotica and the Hungarian city of Szeged was reinstated on Tuesday.

To mark the occasion, Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic welcomed his Hungarian counterpart Janos Lazar at the Palic railway station near Subotica.

Chain collision near Kragujevac: There are dead and injured; Smashed cars PHOTO/VIDEO

According to RTS, three teenagers are among the eight injured.
The chain traffic accident happened shortly before 7:00 p.m., and a large number of members of the Kragujevac Police Department, the Fire and Rescue Brigade and the Institute for Emergency Medicine were on the scene.