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Kosovo Serb released from house custody on 30,000 euro bail

PRISTINA - A Pristina court announced on Friday Serb Dejan Pantic, a former officer of the so-called Kosovo Police, had been released from house custody on a 30,000 euro bail.

A court spokesperson said that, after rejecting a petition to extend Pantic's custody, the court had granted a request to replace the house custody measure with bail, Pristina-based Reporteri said.

Two more Serbs placed in custody over Banjska clashes

PRISTINA - Two more Serbs suspected of involvement in Sunday's deadly clashes between a group of local Serbs and the so-called Kosovo Police in the Banjska village near Zvecan in the north of Kosovo-Metohija were placed in one-month custody by the basic court in Pristina on Tuesday.

Pristina-based Reporteri said the two were Blagoje Spasojevic and Dusan Maksimovic.

Body of another person involved in Banjska clashes found, says Pristina's prosecutor

PRISTINA - Pristina's special prosecutor Naim Abazi said the body of another person involved in Sunday's clashes in the Banjska village in the north of Kosovo-Metohija had been found on Monday.

In a statement to Pristina-based Koha paper, Abazi said the body belonged to one of the "attackers" on the so-called Kosovo Police.

Vucevic: EU membership Serbia's foreign policy priority

BELGRADE - Serbian Deputy PM and Defence Minister Milos Vucevic received Norway's newly-appointed Ambassador to Belgrade Kristin Melsom on Tuesday.

He noted that EU membership was Serbia's foreign policy priority and that military neutrality was its strategic commitment, which he said was no obstacle to cooperation and forging good relations with all interested parties.

PKS signs MoU on economic cooperation with Ohio

BELGRADE - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS) and the Department of Development of the US state of Ohio signed on Thursday in Belgrade a MoU on cooperation in economic development, aimed at strengthening and advancing economic ties.

The MoU was signed by PKS official Mihailo Vesovic and Ohio Department of Development Director Lydia Mihalik.

Orlic: Parliament to elect new minister of economy on Wednesday

BELGRADE - Parliament Speaker Vladimir Orlic set Wednesday as the day for a vote to elect Serbia's new minister of economy.

"I hereby set Wednesday 11.30 am as the date for a vote on the third item of the agenda - election of the minister of economy," Orlic announced on Tuesday during a parliamentary session that was disrupted by opposition parties.