Flavors of Greece under one roof

The distance from the Acropolis to Stoa Arsakeio on Stadiou Street can be covered by foot in less than 20 minutes, and while the two points may have little in common right now, Legendary Food is hoping to put the latter up there among Athens's most visited destinations.

Stoa of Philip restoration under way on Delos

A crane at the site of the Stoa of Philip, which is undergoing restoration on the island of Delos, is seen in this photo released by the Culture Ministry on Thursday. The imposing stoa was constructed by Philip V of Macedonia in 210 BC in honor of Apollo. It is 72 meters long and 11 meters wide, and was once supported by 16 Doric columns.

Theatro Technis | Athens | To July 27

The Technis (Art) Theater is exhibiting objects of artistic and nostalgic value related to the institution's 75-year history at StoArt in the Korai Arcade off Syntagma Square. These include costumes, props, stage models, photographs of performances and from the backstage area, programs and newspaper reviews marking milestones in the company founded by acclaimed director Karolos Koun.

Ancient businessman becomes "honorary member"

Opramoas, a businessman who lived in the ancient city of Rhodiapolis in the southern province of Antalya's Kumluca district in the 2nd century A.D. and was known as an important civic benefactor, has become a "honorary member" of the Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ANS?AD) upon the application of Professor Nevzat Çevik.