Regime attack kills 7 civilians in northwestern Syria

At least seven civilians, including children, were killed and three others were wounded in a regime attack on Syria's northwestern Idlib province early on July 22.

According to the Syria Civil Defense, or White Helmets, the regime and supporting terror groups conducted an attack on the Iblin village, south of Idlib, with ground-to-ground weapons.

Syria’s Assad takes oath after much maligned re-election

President Bashar al-Assad took the oath of office for a fourth term in war-ravaged Syria on July 17, after officially winning 95 percent of the vote in an election dismissed abroad.

It was the second presidential poll since the start of a decade-long civil war that has killed almost half a million people and battered the country's infrastructure.

New "slap on the wrist" of the EU; Serbia's reaction: We have never severed relations

He reminded that the path to EU membership implies harmonization with its foreign policy.
"The EU's position regarding the normalization of relations with the regime in Syria is clear and unchanged, and the recent elections organized by the Syrian regime cannot lead to international normalization," Stano told Radio Free Europe.

Turkey urges EU to take responsibility for refugees

Turkey's vice president urged the EU on July 6 to open legal migration routes for Syrians as part of the fair burden and responsibility sharing principle.

Fuat Oktay also appealed for member states to activate the voluntary humanitarian admission mechanism with concrete commitments and to increase the settlement quotas for refugees.

Artistic space bridging gap between local, Syrian artists

Artists in Istanbul are helping build bridges between the city's native residents and Syrians displaced by a decade of civil war.

Initially founded in 2014 by Syrian artists, Arthereistanbul is an independent and nonpartisan space for artistic creation, dialogue and culture, far away from conflict and political rivalries.

Bashar al-Assad Re-Elected for Fourth Term as President of Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been re-elected for a fourth seven-year term in a presidential election on Wednesday dismissed by the opposition as a sham, news wires reported. Al-Assad won 95.1% of the valid votes, head of the Syrian parliament Hamoud Sabagh said. Some 78.6% of eligible voters cast ballots inside and outside Syria, Sabagh added at a press conference in Damascus.