ATHEX: Favorable outlook for local bourse

The main index of the Greek stock market ascended close to this week's decade high on Friday, with traders focusing on certain blue chips, although mid-caps underperformed this time. A report by Alpha Finance on Friday pointed to an increase of 15% to 25% for the benchmark of Athinon Avenue this year. In fact it has already gained 5.24% since the year started.

ATHEX: Index at highest point in a decade

Thursday was a historic day for the Greek stock market, as the sixth consecutive day of growth for blue chips and the main index sent its benchmark to heights unseen in almost a decade. The new 10-year record for the bourse came without the support of mid-caps, which declined for a second day in a row. Banks more than made up for that, as they outperformed.

ATHEX: Benchmark makes new five-month high

A universal move upwards for stocks in the Greek bourse on Monday led the benchmark to major gains and the daily turnover well above the 100-million-euro mark. The main index has now climbed to levels unseen since the end of last July, while investors are also looking forward to the listing of Athens International Airport that the government has decided.