Hotels provided for Greek, foreign students without residence

Greek and foreign students who do not have a permanent residence in Greece and had to evacuate their halls of residence or hotels from March 25 to April 10 as part of the measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus will be able to stay at tourist accommodations, the Education Ministry said on Monday.

Government orders seasonal hotels to remain closured through 30 April

In its first measure regarding the tourism sector beyond financial support for employees due to the Coronavirus pandemic , who are included in horizontal measures to support labour, the government has ordered the closure of seasonal Greek hotels and other tourist facilities through 30 August, though the tempest for tourism is expected to drag through the summer tourist season.

Austria ready to share experience to transform Turkey’s ski resorts

The ski resort Uludağ near Bursa near the Marmara coast is one of Turkey's most popular ski destinations. But come summer, it can hardly compete with the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which attract millions of tourists.

Yet Uludağ (Grand Mountain in English) could become a year-round tourism destination, according to Austrian experts.

Local tourism showing first symptoms of virus impact

Conferences are being canceled, bookings have slumped, deposit payments are being delayed, cancelation policies are being revised, city hotel occupancy rates are low and arrivals from abroad are dropping: These are the first signs of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on Greek tourism, and they are expected to rise.

SETE calls for flexibility in cancelations

The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) on Wednesday urged the immediate implementation of a flexible framework for cancelations in Greek tourism that would encourage foreign visitors and tour operators to make bookings despite concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.
It is also seeking to convince tourists who have already booked their holidays to avoid canceling them at this stage.