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Edirne initiates solar-powered lighting for historic bridges

The historic Bayezid II and Yalnızgöz bridges in the northwestern province of Edirne are now illuminated by a newly installed solar energy system, paving the way for a broader initiative that will see 12 other historic bridges over Tunca and Meriç rivers in the city similarly adorned.

Air quality in Thrace degrading: Academic


The air quality in the Thrace region is degrading, with the northwestern province of Edirne facing the highest risk, an academic has warned.

"Edirne has the most polluted air, but the air pollution in the provinces of Tekirdağ and Kırklareli are high, too," Gamze Varol from Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University told the Demirören News Agency.

Greek, Bulgarian tourists enjoy shopping spree in Turkey's Edirne

Posters celebrating the New Year in Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian languages have been hung all over the walls and windows of the stores in Turkey's northwestern province of Edirne, which has been attracting more tourists from the neighboring two countries in the last six months.