Turkish Air Force

Turkey grounds Airbus A400M fleet after Spain crash

The Turkish Air Force has temporarily grounded its two Airbus A400Ms after the crash of a plane of the same type in Spain, daily Hürriyet learned May 10. 

At least four people were killed May 9 when an A400M crashed near Seville airport in southern Spain during a test flight, the first fatal incident involving the new transport craft.

Airbus, Turkish Air Force to cooperate on CN-235 aircraft maintenance

Airbus and the Turkish Air Force signed a letter of intent on May 6 to begin the certification of the Air Supply and Maintenance center in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri as a regional maintenance hub for CN-235 aircraft.

The CN-235 is a medium-range twin-engine transport plane used for military activities, including maritime patrol, surveillance and air transport.

Istanbul to host international conference on air and space power

At a time when the surrounding region is embroiled in conflicts, Turkey is set to host top commanders from NATO allies at the International Conference on Air and Space Power (ICAP 2015) in Istanbul, starting April 2. Attendees of the conference will include the head of NATO's Allied Command Transformation, General Jean-Paul Palomeros, and the commander of the U.S.

Bribes paid but not taken

It was 1976. A fleet of brand new F-104 aircraft in the Turkish skies was approaching the apron where the top brass were proudly watching their maiden flight in the Turkish Air Force. The first aircraft to land had a near crash landing but the rest of the ceremony was a merry event.

How to minimize annoying warplane attrition

What a coincidence! The mighty Turkish Air Force has decided to decommission its last batch of eight RF-4E reconnaissance aircraft shortly after two such aircraft and one F-4E crashed in a span of six days. Gen. Abidin Ünal, commander of the elite Combat Air Force unit, ruled out any technical failure for the serial crashes of Feb.