Vasil Bozhkov

Bulgaria: Probe into Boyko Borissov's Extortion Allegations Closed

Because of insufficient evidence to support criminal charges, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has concluded the inquiry into an alleged extortion case involving Boyko Borissov, former finance minister Vladislav Goranov, and GERB media advisor Sevdelina Arnaudova. This investigation was initiated following claims by gambling tycoon Vasil Bozhkov, who stated he was subjected to blackmail.

Bulgarian Court decided: Vasil Bozhkov will be under House Arrest and will have an Electronic Bracelet

The Sofia Court of Appeal released businessman Vasil Bozhkov under house arrest. The implementation of the measure will be monitored with an electronic bracelet.

The decision is final.

Vasil Bozhkov entered the courtroom to loud applause from supporters this morning, where a three-member panel of the Sofia Court of Appeal was deciding whether to leave him in custody.

Bulgaria: The Court left Vasil Bozhkov in Custody - He communicated with Prigozhin?

Vasil Bozhkov remains in custody permanently, the Bulgarian court decided, after the gambling boss was detained on his return to Bulgaria. During the court session, the prosecutor's office presented data on communication and joint business between Bozhkov and the leader of the private military company "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Bulgaria: Vasil Bozhkov landed in Sofia and was Immediately Detained

The wanted Bulgarian businessman Vasil Bozhkov landed in Sofia at 15:02 p.m. He is expected to be taken away by "Border Police" teams, as a detention order has been imposed against him for a period of 72 hours.

According to BNT, Bozhkov has already passed the border control and was detained.

Vasil Bozhkov is returning to Bulgaria: 20 Charges in absentia in 3 Cases await him

The businessman Vasil Bozhkov announced on his Facebook profile that he is returning to Bulgaria this afternoon. Since January 2020, he has been in Dubai, and several investigations are being conducted against him in absentia and he has been declared an internationally wanted man.