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Two more deaths due to West Nile virus

Two more people have died in the past week after being infected by the West Nile virus, bringing to 13 the total number of deaths from the virus this year.

In its weekly epidemiological report, the National Public Health Organization said 100 infections have been already registered. Of these cases, 82 impacted the central nervous system and 12 resulted in mild manifestations.

West Nile virus: Greece reports 89 Infections in 2023

A total of 89 cases of West Nile virus infection have been recorded in Greece since the beginning of 2023 until the present.

Of these cases, 74 had impacted the central nervous system and 15 had resulted in mild manifestations. In the last week, 31 new cases were diagnosed. Eleven deaths have been recorded. All were over 64 with the median age of death at 82.

Census reshuffles political pack in constituencies 

With the completion of the recent population census, 14 constituencies are changing seats. 

More specifically, as a result of a population increase in the respective regions, Eastern Attica gets two extra seats, while the North, West and South sectors of Athens and the first electoral district of Thessaloniki each gain one seat, by presidential decree. 

West Nile virus death toll since June rises to six

The number of deaths caused by West Nile virus in Greece so far this year has risen to six, according to the weekly report by the National Health Organization (EODY), which was published Wednesday.
The report said the number of cases of the mosquito-borne virus recorded since June was 49 - 14 in the last week alone. The six people who died were all over the age of 60.