ATHEX: Recovery continues on bourse

The Greek stock market continued on Tuesday along the same path it had started the week, with more growth for the majority of stocks and banks taking the lead in this upward move that is apparently meant to offset last week's decline. The closing near the day's highs have increased optimism among traders for further gains in the days to come.

ATHEX: Rebound for index above 1,400 points

The Greek stock market rebounded on Monday, following last week's decline, with most stocks securing significant gains, led by banks.

As a result the benchmark regained the 1,400-point level, ending the day not far from the session's high. The report by the Bank of Greece, which undercut the government's growth estimate, did not seem to affect the mood of the market.

Noval’s billion-euro target

Viohalco subsidiary Noval Property REIC is eyeing the creation of a portfolio estimated to be close to 1 billion euros by the end of the decade, from €571 million today. For this purpose, the company has designed a €340 million investment program which foresees the development of its own properties as well as the acquisition of third-party assets.

ATHEX: Local index slumps below 1,400-pt mark

The index rebalancing, the constant rally of stocks in recent weeks, the decline of Piraeus Bank (the protagonist of the past week) and the reservations investors showed in foreign markets contributed to a day of major losses at the Greek stock market on Monday, which brought the benchmark below the 1,400-point mark on unusually high turnover.

ATHEX: Benchmark remains over the 1,400-point mark

Stocks at the Greek stock market continued their mild decline on Wednesday for a second session in a row, with a number of blue chips posting a decline and only a few resisting the pressure that could have brought the benchmark below the 1,400-point mark. The week continues in a quiet mode ahead of next week's expected placement of the state's 27% holding in Piraeus Bank.