Visa policy of the Schengen Area

Bulgaria in Air and Sea Schengen: Questions and Answers

Bulgaria has joined the Schengen area for free travel, but initially only by air and sea routes. This entails the elimination of border controls for air travel among member countries of the agreement. Here are some key questions and answers for travelers regarding this development:

What is Schengen?

Bulgaria and Romania Set to Join Schengen Area by Air and Sea: EC President Hails Historic Moment

In a significant milestone for Bulgaria and Romania, the two countries are poised to become part of the Schengen area by air and sea, marking a momentous occasion in European integration. The move, scheduled for Sunday, will streamline travel procedures and eliminate border checks at airports and seaports, facilitating seamless movement for travelers within the Schengen zone.

Bulgaria, Romania take first steps into Europe's vast visa-free zone

After 13 years of waiting, Bulgaria and Romania are to partially join the Europe's vast Schengen area of free movement on Sunday, opening up travel by air and sea without border checks.

But land border controls will remain in place due to Austria's opposition to the eastern European countries becoming full members of the Schengen zone for fear of an influx of asylum seekers.

Belgium Pushes for Full Schengen Integration of Bulgaria and Romania

The Belgian Presidency of the EU is spearheading efforts to fully integrate Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area. A draft resolution, expected to be voted on today in the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions, underscores the urgency of addressing the border issues between the two countries and the rest of the Schengen zone.

Study: Bulgarians Welcome Partial Schengen Entry, Seek Clarification on Migration Concerns

A recent Gallup International Balkan study revealed that Bulgarians generally welcome their country's partial entry into the Schengen zone, indicating that full entry would be seen as a significant success if the government effectively addresses concerns about migration.

Bulgaria Gains Partial Schengen Access Via Air And Sea: What Does It Mean?

After more than a decade of anticipation, Bulgaria, together with Romania, has finally gained entry into the Schengen area. However, the initial approval, effective from March 2024, is limited to air and sea routes exclusively. This development signifies the end of passport checks for flights connecting Bulgaria to the broader European landscape, promising smoother travel processes.

EU Officially Admits Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen by Air and Water from March 31

The Council of the European Union's decision to welcome Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen zone by air and water starting March 31, 2024, has been formally published in the Official Journal of the EU. This momentous announcement marks a significant milestone for both nations, signifying their long-awaited accession into the Schengen community.