Vladimir Putin

Blinken in Kyiv to back Ukraine as Putin stares down West

The U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday to choose "a peaceful path" as the top U.S. diplomat paid a solidarity visit to Ukraine amid invasion fears.

"I strongly, strongly hope that we can keep this on a diplomatic and peaceful path, but ultimately, that's going to be President Putin's decision," Blinken said at the U.S. embassy.

Biden will also Discuss the Crisis in Ukraine with Radev and Consider a NATO-Russia Meeting

US President Joe Biden is preparing a major diplomatic concession to prevent an escalation in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. A meeting between NATO and Russia, which he will try to convene, and other possible next steps will first be discussed with Ukraine and all allies in the Alliance, including Bulgaria.

"To send an army to Ukraine if the Russians attack? That's not an option."

"That option is not on the table. The idea that the United States will use force unilaterally to confront Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine is currently unrealistic. But if that invasion happens, there will be serious consequences," Biden told reporters outside the White House, reports the Voice of America.