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National Palace of Culture Becomes Arena of Gaming Battles

The National Palace of Culture offers not only opera, theater, or dances. And quite different and curious things. On July 20, Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture will have an amazing show for fans of electronic sports.

It's about the finals of the A1 Gaming League season 2, reports Monitor.

Croatian Survival Game Becomes Best-Seller in Days

A Croatian open-world survival video game, called SCUM, has already sold sold about 660,000 copies only days after it was released on August 29.

The game was created as a result of cooperation between two Croatian development teams, "Gamepires" and "Croteam". "About 20 people worked on the project," Josip Barisic, "Gamepires" community manager told BIRN.

Appeals court convicts two Czechs of espionage

Two Czech nationals who were arrested in September 2012 for taking photos and videos of military installations on the northeastern Aegean island of Lemnos were given 18-month prison sentences for espionage by an appeals court on Lesvos on Monday.

The terms were reduced from an original 2.5 years as ruled by a lower court. Both men denied any wrongdoing.