Xi Jinping

North Korea's Sabre-Rattling sparks "Dominance" Fears in China

In order to ensure that its economic and political interests in the Korean Peninsula region are not threatened by the West, China wants North Korea to avoid sabre-rattling, especially during the National Congress, where Chinese President Xi Jinping will be declared President for an unprecedented third term, media reports said.

How Xi Jinping plans to tighten his grip at historic Chinese Communist Party Congress

President Xi Jinping's expected reappointment for a third five-year term as head of the Chinese Communist Party and the military is set to be a watershed moment in China's modern history. As with Deng Xiaoping's launch of economic reforms in 1979 and his decision a decade later to crush pro-democracy protests with force, it will — for better or worse — radically alter the country's course.

China censors rare anti-Xi protest ahead of Communist Party congress

China's internet censors removed on Oct. 13 virtually all references to reports of a rare protest in Beijing that involved banners denouncing President Xi Jinping and the country's Covid policies.

Beijing is on high alert against any disruption to a landmark Communist Party meeting that begins on Sunday, where Xi is expected to secure a historic third term.