Architects lose 30,000 euros to Balkans tour scam

The owner of a tour company with its headquarters in İzmir is accused of defrauding 61 members of the Chamber of Architects branch in Denizli province of roughly 30,000 euros after signing a contract for a Balkans trip.

In April 2023, the chamber which organized a Balkans tour for its members met with Emine Yıldız, the owner of an Izmir-based tour company for the trip.

Mecidiye Mansion opened to visitors for 1st time

The Mecidiye Mansion of Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid, which has been inaccessible to anyone but the official for 165 years, has been opened to visitors for the first time in its history, with the partial completion of the restoration in Topkapı Palace in Istanbul.

Fatih Mansion, Seferli Ward, Treasury Ward in the complex of the place were kept closed since 2014.

Türkiye’s first zoology museum to reopen

Türkiye's first zoology museum will be reopened seven years later after being relocated due to earthquake risk.

In 2105, a demolition decision was taken for the museum, which was opened in Istanbul's Beyazıt districts in 1933.

Within the scope of the decision, the museum's collections were taken under protection in the warehouses of Istanbul University for seven years.