Bulgaria Unveils Groundbreaking Open-Source AI: BgGPT - A Game-Changer for Various Sectors

In a groundbreaking development, Bulgaria's Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology (INSAIT) presented BgGPT, the first Bulgarian-language open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model of the latest generation. The event, attended by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and other dignitaries, showcased a significant step toward leveraging AI for the benefit of Bulgaria's education, business, healthcare, public administration, and more.

The AI model, trained on over 3 billion sentences and comprising 7 billion parameters, is set to be fully accessible to the public on March 3 at www.bggpt.ai. The model's specificity to the Bulgarian language positions it as a valuable resource for various applications within the country. Prime Minister Denkov emphasized the importance of AI adoption for economic competitiveness, highlighting Bulgaria's commitment to AI development evident in the 2024 budget's support for an AI-based computing center.

INSAIT's BgGPT aims to be an independent and globally competitive AI model, providing Bulgaria with technological leadership. During the presentation, INSAIT demonstrated the model's capabilities, showcasing its ability to answer questions, solve problems, and even compose essays on AI applications. The model's continuous improvement promises to make it a leading Bulgarian-language AI resource.

Education Minister Galin Tsokov commended INSAIT for its innovative efforts, emphasizing the potential impact of BgGPT on Bulgaria's education system. He expressed the Ministry's willingness to collaborate, integrating the AI model into the educational platform, thus enhancing the quality of education across the country.

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