Elon Musk Uses Ketamine for Depression Control

Renowned entrepreneur and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has opened up about his utilization of prescription ketamine to cope with depression. In an interview with journalist Don Lemon, the billionaire disclosed his strategy for stabilizing his mental health.

Musk candidly shared that he experiences low moods and depressive episodes, which ketamine effectively alleviates. He emphasized the therapeutic benefits of the drug in managing his mood swings.

Acknowledging the genetic component of his depression, Musk clarified that his ketamine usage is within the bounds of a doctor's prescription. He mentioned having a doctor's prescription and taking "a small quantity every fortnight.

Contrary to speculation, Musk vehemently denied any form of drug abuse. He stressed the importance of moderation, cautioning against excessive ketamine intake, which could impair cognitive function.

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